Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pancho Via!


Here's Pancho!! My baby boy. I've had him for awhile now - since around Sept/Oct '07. I love him lots!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'd like to be... under the sea ...

... in an alpaca's garden in the shade. We'd rest our head on the sea bed in an alpaca's garden near cave. Oh what joy for every girl and boy knowing thier happy and their safe ...


I'd like to be under the sea in an alpaca's garden in the shade. We would be so happy you and me No one there to tell us what to do I'd like to be under the sea In an alpaca's garden with you.


I'd like to be under the sea In an alpaca's garden in the shade He'd let us in, knows where we've been. In his alpaca's garden in the shade. I'd ask my friends to come and see an alpaca's garden with me!

Lovely. Just lovely!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cable Scarf

So, it's been awhile since I've posted on my blog. I have just been so busy with work and church. I'm finishing up the cookbook this week for the church. I'll be glad to get this task over with. I do hope that the lady's group raises lots of money for the missions that they want to support.
Here is a snapshot of the scarf that I am working on right now. I am really enjoying this.

This is my first attempt at anything cable and it's really cool. I haven't got my brain wrapped around how this is happening but I love it.

I've been using a cable needle and have found that for now that works the best for me.
Oh the home front ... Tinkerbella went back home to live with her previous family. I miss her so much. But, I got a new baby. His name is Pancho Villa. He's a rotten little 2 1/2 pound Chihuahua. He's quickly winning over my heart.
I also finally got on Ravelry! Woo Hoo! That really is a great website. I've been pestering Kibbles over the fact that I got in before her! (slight snicker) but I'll get her a T-shirt to make it up to her.
Oh ya - believe it or not there is a Chihuahua group inside Ravelry. I'm a member of course. I hope to find lots of patterns for my little Hua.
Life is good. I'm off work today and tomorrrow. That's good. I'll have a short work week. That's good. Knitting on Thursday. That's good. Everything is really good now ... maybe it's the meds! haha!